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Close Parent Australia offers a range of award winning baby carriers to suit anyone's needs and styles. With its soft, supportive and lighter fabric, our Caboo line is incredibly comfortable to wear and so easy to use. 

With its beautiful new curves and additional support you can Caboo to your heart’s content in both comfort and style! 

Simply choose the colour that suits your style. 

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What parents are saying...

"Four boys and four carriers later, I LOOOOOVE the Caboo +organic! I have tried a sling and front and back carriers with my children, but this is the best. It is self-packaging so it's protected while not in use. Easy to wash and wear; comfy and cuddly and it's organic, so he's wrapped in only the best around me."

-Annelisa, Wangaratta 

"Just LOVE my Caboo +organic baby carrier! After only one attempt at using a Baby Bjorn carrier, I gave up for all the pain from the buckles and straps. This carrier, I can (and have!) worn literally all day long, even after having a caesarean. This carrier was the best support after having my second baby by caesarean, especially when I used it with the wrap. It's just so comfy and easy to use; even my husband wears it."

- Rosa, Dubbo 

"After four children, I have finally found a baby carrier that does all that it claims to do. I actually USE this one, unlike some others I have tried. It holds my baby securely and comfortably against my body, and best of all, it's heaven on my back! It's a fantastic resource for my little refluxer too, who likes to be in an upright position. We go for walks, do the shopping and even the housework using the Caboo +organic. I wouldn't be without it."

- Rachel, Adelaide

Tips and Advice for Fuss-Free Outings

Even taking your baby to a café with friends seems to require military-style preparations. Since we're all about making your parenting life as fun and as stress-free as possible, we've created this guide to help prepare you for your baby’s first outing.

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