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Pop-in Seat Protector

Pop-in Seat Protector

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Special Features

Soaks up little accidents to keep seats protected
easy to fit: fits into most five point harness seats
easy to clean: simply remove and wipe off crumbs, or pop in the wash for bigger spills
quick drying

Super absorbent, fast wicking insert
stain resistant fabric

Waterproof protector keeps your seat safe
comes in the cheery range of Close pop-in designs

Care Instructions

Machine wash at 40℃

Line dry

Your pram seat gets a lot of wear, and little accidents can happen. This clever seat protector from the team at Close helps you manage the messes.

It’s perfect for toilet training when little leaks are common. Even when baby wears nappies, there’s still plenty of mess: crumbs, fruit scraps, food wrappers, milk spills and more!

Well kept prams have good second hand resale value, so why not protect your investment?

Simply fit the protector in place, and the fast wicking cotton insert will draw away any moisture while the folded pockets will catch crumbs.

The removable insert makes it easy to remove and wash. It’s fast drying, so you can have it back in place and ready for the next adventure.

Perfect seat protector for toilet training

Additional Info

  • size: 41 x 31 cm
  • fits most standard five point harness prams, it may also fit high chairs and trolleys.
  • fabric composition: 100% polyester with a TPU laminate.

Please note: this product is waterproof, but it is not designed to cope with a large volume of liquid. You may experience some wetness on the car seat if a child who is not wearing potty training pants has an accident in the seat.

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