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Pop-in Reusable Bamboo Baby Wipes

Pop-in Reusable Bamboo Baby Wipes

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Special Features

Pack of ten reusable bamboo wipes

Made from naturally antibacterial bamboo
bamboo is seven times more absorbent than cotton

Environmentally friendly alternative to disposable baby wipes

Comes in a zippered tote bag

Great for mucky faces and hands

Five unisex colours to match the tote bag
choose from brights or pastels colour range
save money instead of buying disposables

Care Instructions

Made from gorgeously soft, super absorbent and anti-bacterial bamboo, these are a great alternative to disposable baby wipes or simply use them for mucky hands, faces and noses instead.

They are just the right size to fit in your pocket so they are always on hand when needed, and when they are dirty pop them back into the tote bag.

Gentle, durable, reusable baby wipes - Better for families

Disposable wipes can be rough on sensitive baby skin. The soft bamboo is super soft, absorbent and antibacterial, making it much better for baby’s skin. Plus, you will save plenty of money without the need to purchase expensive disposable wipes every week.

Better for the environment

Did you know most disposable wipes are made from microscopic plastic and wood pulp?

Yes, that means plastic and paper, mixed with synthetic cleaning agents.

They take decades to erode, leech harmful chemicals into the environment and thousands of them end up clogging the sewers of major cities in the world.

Go reusable instead!

Additional Info

  • fabric composition: 70% bamboo viscose 30% Cotton 
  • size: 19cm x 14cm
  • Pack of 10 wipes
  • Comes in a zip up tote bag

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