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Pop-in Disposable Nappy Liners (1 roll)

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Pop-in Disposable Nappy Liners (1 roll)

These handy nappy liners make our reusable nappy more flexible allowing you to use it the way you want to when you want to and reducing the mess come laundry time. The liner allows moisture to pass one way through the nappy to help keep baby drier whilst retaining solids. After use you can bin if wet and flush if soiled. With a lovely soft texture they are great for even the most delicate of bottoms.

Key Features

  • Biodegradable single use liners made from PLA (cornstarch)
  • Disposable - flushable* - compostable
  • Will work with any nappy brand
  • Maintain dryness and retain solids
  • Soft yet strong!
  • 1 roll = 80 liners

*not recommended for septic systems. we recommend disposing in the bin rather than flushing.