Our Range of Pop-in Cloth Nappies 

The Pop-in New Gen V2 reusable nappy in +bamboo has stretchy tabs just like a disposable nappy for a snug fit around baby every time with a soft waterproof shell that lets baby's bottom breathe. There is a clever absorbent panel in the outer shell which helps hold the wetness in the middle of the nappy to get extra dry time between changes. Our specially designed night time booster pops into the nappy to keep them dry overnight once they are sleeping through, ensuring nothing but dream filled nights for you both! 

Bamboo is a luxurious, comfortable material that is antibacterial, breathable and incredibly absorbent…we recommend it for parents concerned about sensitive and allergy prone skin. This is a new gen V2 nappy and is not compatible with previous versions of the Pop-in.

We love colour co-ordinating our pop-in soakers and boosters with their outer shells, but please be aware that many factors can affect the colours of the inserts once in use, including detergents and of course the content of the nappies, variable as they are. We therefore cannot guarantee that the colours will retain their integrity and in some circumstances may become stained or lose their colour. Please be assured that this does not affect the functionality of the product in any way so we cannot indemnify against this and it is not covered by the warranty. Please wash dark colours separately.


  • Birth to potty nappy grows with baby 7 lbs or 3.18 kg - 35lbs or 16kg

  • Sizeless– adjust using poppers on front so one size fits most

  • Soft elasticated waistline and easy aplix fastening for quick one step changes

  • Double leg gusset to protect against leaks at any size or age

  • Removable soaker and booster for variable absorbency and faster drying

  • Easy to care for, no soaking, simply wash on a 60 degree wash (inner may be occasionally tumble dried if necessary)

  • Bamboo is antibacterial, breathable and incredibly absorbent

  • Pop-in new gen V2 nappies are not compatible with previous versions of the Pop-in

Our New Bio-laminate Range

Our newest Puffin print uses a brand new bio laminate, a first for Pop-in, this material uses 20-30% renewable plant based ingredients than standard TPU which helps to conserve precious non-renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse emissions. 

Features (in addition to our standard features):

  • Made using greener bio TPU laminate

  • Made using RPET – each nappy uses 2½ recycled plastic water bottles


Perfect fit size guide: from birth to potty

You can use this adjustable nappy until your little darling is potty trained! Convenient and economical, yeah?

  • stage one:      3.1–5.5 kg

  • stage two:      5.5–7.7 kg

  • stage three:  7.7–11.3 kg

  • stage four:    11.3–16 kg +


Fitting tips

  • choose a fit that most closely fits around your baby’s legs for maximum containment

  • your baby will progress quickly through the size settings, faster than you anticipate

  • baby may reach the larger setting at night by six to eight months—don’t panic, they will soon be mobile and their body shape will change

  • maximum waist size is 57 cm

Care instructions

  • Put your nappies through a normal/long wash cycle up to 60°C 

  • we strongly recommend hanging pop-in nappies horizontally across the line to prevent drag on the elastic

  • the inner pop-in soaker may be tumble dried

  • wash dark colours separately

  • our fabrics are built to last, but some colours will fade with ongoing use

  • staining or loss of colour may occur (which does not affect the functionality of the nappy and therefore is not covered by warranty)

  • these are new gen V2 nappies and are not compatible with previous versions of the pop-in  

How Many Cloth Nappies Do I Need?

For full time use we recommend around 20 nappies and 6 night-time boosters. This will mean in the early days you’ll have a day’s worth to wash and a day’s worth to dry, when you’re washing every day. Later on you can wash less frequently as your baby’s output changes.

How to use a Pop-in Cloth Nappy

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